Some Thoughts on the Death of Personal Privacy

I have just posted the fourth of several journal entries. As described in The Journals of Eric Stapleton these entries are the by product of the world building that I have been doing. I have tried to make them entertaining as well as informative.I have have also added the placeholder pages for the rest of the journal entries as well as linking them altogether with navigation links.

This entry is about privacy. I am of the opinion that privacy, at least as we think of it, is dead. I am not sure that it ever had as much life to it as we hoped, but technology is crushing it completely. As this chapter tries to point out, there are good things that can come out of that death/transformation. This particular chapter is a “deep think” about the topic (without trying to be too dense) but the issue of privacy is scattered throughout the book.

You can navigate to this fourth entry from the list in The Journals of Eric Stapleton or directly via Journal: Do You Know Who I Am?



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