A Review of Now, The Physics of Time

Now - The Physics of TimeNow – The Physics of Time by Richard A. Muller

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A wonderfully written book about deep subjects. Muller offers an explanation of time that I found feasible. The author does not prove his case, but that lack of hard physical proof is part of his argument. The explanatory power of physics is powerful but not total. There are things, important and real, that physics cannot address. Just as there are mathematical statements that may be true but cannot be proven with conventional mathematical methods.

Muller suggests that our perception of time is one of these true but not fully explainable experiences. The uncertainty principle makes it impossible to fully predict the future and thus gives us free will.

I cannot say that I understood everything in the book. I never do with this kind of book. But I understood more at the end of the book than at the beginning, and that is the point.

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